Sofia Davydycheva

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Sofia Davydycheva
Sofia Davydycheva headshot.png
PhD university Moscow State University

Biography 2010[1]

Sofia Davydycheva received an M.S. (1984) from the Department of Physics of the Moscow State University and a Ph.D. (1989) from the Department of Applied Mathematics from the same university. In 1989–2001, she worked at the Central Geophysical Expedition in Moscow as a geophysicist. In 2002–2008, she worked for Schlumberger, and she worked for EMGS Americas seabed-logging company later in 2008. She runs a consulting company, 3DEM Consulting, and works for Pathfinder Energy Services. Her current research interests include 3D forward modeling and inversion of resistivity data.

Honorable Mention (Geophysics) 2011

Sofia Davydycheva, Nikolai Rykhlinski received 2011 Honorable Mention (Geophysics) for their paper Focused-source electromagnetic survey versus standard CSEM: 3D modeling in complex geometries.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag


  1. Contributors, GEOPHYSICS 75(1):Z12.

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