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'''society of geologists and engineers (SGE) at University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore''' was established in 2011.The main purpose of this society is to provide the students an opportunity to develop and improve management skills.our society conducts educational activities every year to increase the geological skills of the students.

== Student chapter mailing address ==
== officers ==
* Persident: Arslan Zahid.
* Vice President: Mohsin Sajjad.
* Secretary: Abdual Rehman.
* Treasurer: Ali Raza.
* Public Relations Officer: Palvesha Gohar.
* Public Relations Executive: Iqra Hassan.
* Public Relations Executive: Furqan Haider.
* Public Relations Assistant Executive: Abdullah Saqib.
* Public Relations Assistant Executive: Basit Ali.
* IT Head: Umar Azam.
* IT Executive: Faran Khalid.
* IT Assistant Executive: Ribqa Imran.
* Events Management Head: Iqra Asif.
* Events Executive: Aqeela Wahid.
== Faculty Advisor ==
Dr. Muhammad Zubair Abu Bakar.
== Faculty Advisor Email Address ==
== programs ==
=== social Events ===
We organize social event every year for the entertainment of the students and to get them out from the boredom routine.
=== Field Camps ===
Field camps are organized by the society to provide the stugents an opportunity to develop and increase their geological skills.
=== Orientation ===
In orientation, special focus was given on SEG as well. A presentation was given on SLS by one of
our members who attended the annual SEG meeting in Denver, 2014. She described her experience there,
showed the events' pictures, told about SEG and how SEG made this possible for her to attend an annual
meeting in USA through SLS by giving her a travel grant which covered the expenses for travel , lodging and
registration to SEG’s Annual Meeting.
In the event ,we displayed the books about the science of geophysics which we received by SEG through
annual meeting in Denver,2014 and we all members of the society (SGE) wore the SEG ribbons as well to
further support, strengthen and consolidate the SEG as well as SGE. We also concisely told them about
== Achievements ==
The Ridge level Student Chapter is the second highest rank of student chapter. we are currently holding a Ridge level ranking.
== External links ==

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