Sociedad Geofisica de la Universidad Nacional de San Juan

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The UNSJ SEG Student Chapter is a group of students from the career of geophysics from the National University of San Juan, in Argentina.

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  5. Challenge Bowl

5th PLACE at the Latin American level event that took place remotely in May 2021.

The following advanced students participated representing Universidad Nacional de San Juan:

  • Ezequiel Martín Nivas Fernández.
  • Francisco Torres.

Contact information (

  • Adress: AV. José Ignacio de la Roza West 590, 5407 San Juan, Argentina.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: SEG - Student Chapter - San Juan
  • Instagram: UNSJ SEG Student Chapter (@seg.studentchapter.unsj)
  • LinkedIn: Universidad Nacional de San Juan SEG Student Chapter
  • Youtube: UNSJ SEG Student Chapter