Sergey Fomel

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Sergey Fomel
Sergey fomel headshot.jpg
Latest company Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
Membership Active
PhD university Stanford University

Sergey Fomel received a Ph.D. (2001) in geophysics from Stanford University and worked previously at the Institute of Geophysics in Russia (currently Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics), Schlumberger Geco-Prakla, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is now a professor at the Jackson School of Geosciences, the University of Texas at Austin, with a joint appointment between the Bureau of Economic Geology and the Department of Geological Sciences. He has received a number of professional awards, including the J. Clarence Karcher Award from SEG in 2001, Best SEG Poster Presentation Awards in 2007 and 2011, and the Conrad Schlumberger Award from EAGE in 2011. He devotes part of his time to developing “Madagascar,” an open-source software package for geophysical data analysis.

Honorable Mention (Geophysics) 2003

Paul C. Sava and Sergey Fomel received 2003 Honorable Mention (Geophysics) for their paper Angle-domain common-image gathers by wavefield continuation methods.[1]


  1. Sava, P. and S. Fomel (2003) Angle-domain common-image gathers by wavefield continuation methods, GEOPHYSICS 68(3):1065.