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This page is for testing the wiki's extensions in the wiki.


Semantic Maps

There should be a map of Tulsa on the right. If you just see {{#display_map:Tulsa}} floating above this paragraph, then Semantic Maps is not enabled.

Semantic MediaWiki

This should appear as a quantity, with conversions on mouse hover: 100 m. If it's a red link, the extension is not installed or is broken.


This link should go to SPE's PetroWiki: Cased hole completions — this is the hard-coded link: If the link is red, the extension is not installed or is broken. If it's in place, these links will always be blue, even if the page doesn't exist.


We should see a footnote here.[1]

  1. This is the footnote.


You should see a list of 40 pages in the Dictionary namespace category, arranged in 4 columns. <DPL>




There should be a video here.

EmbedVideo does not recognize the video service "youtubehd".


This image links to the main page, no matter where you click on it. To find out more about the image, click on the blue "i" icon File:Desc-20.png. If this image link is red, not a blue 'i', then $wgUseInstantCommons is not enabled in LocalSettings.php.

<imagemap> Image:Example2.png|150px|alt=Alt text default Go to main page </imagemap>


There should be a search box here...



This initialism should have an explanatory mouse-over popup: STOOIP.


There should be a PNG 'display' equation here:


SyntaxHighlight GeSHi provides specialized tags for computer code:

<source lang="python">

  1. This is a small Python program

vp1, rho1 = 2250.0, 2450.0 vp2, rho2 = 2400.0, 2550.0

imp = (vp2*rho2 - vp1*rho1) / 2*(vp1*rho1 + vp2*rho2) print 'Impedance:', imp </source>


The time now on the server is Sun, 02 Oct 2022 20:15:56 +0000 (this should show the current date and time, UTC).


Extension WikiEditor example.png

Hit Edit on this page. The edit pane should look like the one in the image on the right.