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The goal of the SEG Wiki is: to expand the world’s knowledge of applied geophysics, to provide further details of ("layer") the science itself, and to engage emerging professionals in the field. Robert E. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition and Oz Yilmaz's Seismic Data Analysis seeded the SEG Wiki with its initial content. We encourage you to read, edit, and enhance the SEG Wiki. Add your layer to the science of applied geophysics today.

The SEG Wiki is a publicly accessible, publicly editable wiki about the subsurface of the earth. If something is too esoteric or non-encyclopedic for Wikipedia, and has to do with the geology or geophysics of the earth, or with engineering underground, then maybe it belongs in SubSurfWiki instead.

The SEG Wiki is part of a community of open subsurface wikis including SubSurfWiki. Please consider sharing your material in multiple places, to increase its visibility.

The SEG Wiki is maintained by the SEG, membership, and registered contributors.

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