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(Complete List of SEG Presidents)
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== Complete List of SEG Presidents ==  
== Complete List of SEG Presidents ==  
* President Elect [[Nancy House]]
* 2019-2020 [[Richard Miller]]
* 2018-2019 [[Robert Stewart]]
* 2017-2018 [[Nancy House]]
* 2016-2017 [[William L. Abriel]]
* 2016-2017 [[William L. Abriel]]
* 2015-2016 [[John H. Bradford]]
* 2015-2016 [[John H. Bradford]]

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The SEG President serves one year as President Elect, and one year as President, where a year is defined as the period between Annual Meetings. Return to SEG Honors and Awards.

Former SEG Presidents in a rare historic group photo c. 1990:

"Former SEG Presidents: Geophysics and the Affairs of Mankind by Lee Lawyer"

Top row (left to right): Milo M. Backus, W. T. Born, L. Decker Dawson, Douglas D. Barman, Kevin M. Barry, Thomas R. LaFehr, J. Dan Skelton.

Middle row (left to right): Kenneth L. Larner, Sigmund I. Hammer, Norman J. Christie, E. John Northwood, L. C. (Lee) Lawyer, Roy O. Lindseth, J. E. White, A. M. Olander, T. Norman Crook

Bottom Row (left to right): Carl H. Savit, E. R. Brumbaugh, Marvin R. Hewitt, Cecil H. Green, Robert J. Graebner, Paul L. Lyons, and W. Harry Mayne.

Former SEG Presidents from the 1950 SEG Annual meeting:

"Former SEG Presidents: Geophysics 15(1) "

Standing (left to right) H. B. Peacock, W. T. Born. R. D. Wyckoff, Cecil H. Green, Henry C. Cortes, J. J. Jakosky.

Seated (left to right) George E. Wagoner, Andrew Gilmour, E. A. Eckhardt, L. L. Nettleton, Eugene McDermott

Complete List of SEG Presidents