Partha Routh

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Partha Routh
Partha Routh headshot.png
Latest company ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
Membership SEG, SPE, and EAGE
BSc Geophysics
MSc Geophysics
PhD Geophysics
BSc university Indian Institute of Technology, in Kharagpur
MSc university Indian Institute of Technology, in Kharagpur
PhD university University of British Columbia

Partha S. Routh obtained a B.Sc. with honors (1991) and an M.S. in exploration geophysics (1993) from the Indian Institute of Technology, in Kharagpur, and a Ph.D. (1999) from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, with a focus on electromagnetic inversion problems. After a postdoctoral position at UBC–Geophysical Inversion Facility, he joined Conoco Upstream Technology in Oklahoma.

From 2003 through 2007, he was in the geophysics department at Boise State University in Idaho and obtained tenure to Associate Professor. Following that he worked at seismic technology research group at ConocoPhillips in Houston, Texas. Since 2009 he is at Upstream Research Company of ExxonMobil in Spring Texas, where he is Team Lead in Full Wavefield Inversion (FWI) research. Routh’s interests are in inverse problems and appraisal analysis applied to a variety of geophysical data. He is active in seismic imaging/inversion, time-lapse and inversion. He is an associate editor of Geophysical Prospecting and Geophysics and is an active member of SEG, SPE and EAGE. He is currently the Chair of SEG Research committee and Past-President of SEG Near Surface Geophysics.

SEG Best Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting Award 2012 [1]

Partha S. Routh, Gopal Palacharla, Ivan Chikichev, Spyros Lazaratos received 2012 SEG Best Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting Award for their paper Full wavefield inversion of time-lapse data for improved imaging and reservoir characterization.


  1. Honors and Awards Program 2013 SEG Annual meeting, 4:30–5:30 p.m., Sunday 22 September 2013 George R. Brown Convention Centerm Level 3, George Bush Grand Ballroom, Houston, Texas USA p. 43