Noise and Multiple Exercises

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Seismic Data Analysis
Series Investigations in Geophysics
Author Öz Yilmaz
ISBN ISBN 978-1-56080-094-1
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Exercise 6-1. Prove that a hyperbola in the offset domain (x, t) maps onto an ellipse in the slant-stack domain (τ, p).

Exercise 6-2. Refer to Figure 6.E-1. What would the t − x domains look like?

Exercise 6-3. Consider constructing the slant-stack gather from offset data that consists of a reflection hyperbola. Does equal increment in p, the ray parameter, cause undersampling or oversampling of the steep dips? Of the gentle dips? What happens when an equal increment in 1/p is used? What happens when an equal increment in θ is used, where θ is related to p by p = sin θ/v?

Exercise 6-4. Identify event E in Figure 6.2-1.

Exercise 6-5. What procedure does CMP stacking correspond to in the f − k domain?

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Noise and Multiple Exercises
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