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Videos about the Origins of Digital Seismic Signal Processing and the role played by MIT and Sven Treitel are in the wiki article Sven_Treitel.

British TV station ITN interviews marine crew on seismic survey of North Sea in the autumn of 1963. The reporter asks "Will there be oil under the North Sea?" The Kyle Anne was skippered by Ed Norris with party manager Bill Blakely. Crew included Alan Cook (later Aramco Special Projects Group leader), and Derrick Painter (later GSI research and development project leader). They used a 2400 meter cable to collect 3 fold data.

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In 2008, the Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal was awarded to Carl Regone and John Etgen for their work in demonstrating the value of wide-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition for deepwater subsalt imaging, and for their role in bringing it to commercial reality. This demonstration was largely done by computing synthetic seismic data with different acquisition geometries and processing the data using depth migration software. This movie shows the complex wave propagation caused a high velocity salt body based on the geology at the Mad Dog Oil and Gas prospect in the deep water Gulf of Mexico.


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