Lee Lawyer

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Lee Lawyer
File:L. C. Lawyer headshot.gif
President year 1987
PhD university Stanford

L. C. (Lee) Lawyer is a geophysicist know for his leadership in industry, his service to SEG. He served as the 1987-1988 SEG Presidents.

L. C. (Lee) Lawyer, candidate for President-elect, has been an Active Member of SEG for 29 years. He served the Society as Scond Vice-President and as Chairman of the SEG Education Foundation Endowment Committe. He also was General Chairman of the 48th Annual SEG Meeting in San Francisco and subsequently served as Chairman of the Society's Annual Meeing Advisory Committee. He is a member of AAPG and EAEG as well as an acive member of the Geophysical Society of Houston. he has held active membership in the Panhandle Geophysical Society in Amarillo, Oklahoma City Geophysical Society, Denver Geophysical Society, and the Bay Area Geophysical Society in San Francisco.

Lawyer received his geological engineering degree from Oklahoma University ad joined Stanford Oil Co. of Texas in 1955. Various assignments with Sotex(now Chevron, U.S.A.) included gravity and seismic data acquisition and interpretation in midcontinent areas of Texas and Oklahoma. He has been division geophysicist for Chevron in Oklahoma city, Denver, and San Francisco (Alaskan Division). He was chief geophysicist of Chevron Overseas and most recently vice-president of Chevron Geoscience Co. in Houston. He is currently chief geophysicist of Chevron Corp. and resides in Houston.