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*[[Integral Equations]]
*[[Integral Equations]]
*[[Asymptotic Analysis]]
*[[Asymptotic Analysis]]
*[[Numerical Model]]
*[[Numerical Model|Numerical modeling]]
==Computer science==
==Computer science==

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The SEG Wiki committee and SEG Wiki staff aim to expand the content available on the wiki. This page outlines the main articles under five subjects: geophysics, mathematics, computer science, geology, and petroleum engineering. This page - in addition to adopt a page - provides a good foundation to start contributing to essential topics.

Please add your name to an article and start writing! If this is your first time contributing to a wiki, learn how to get started on the help page and contact wiki‐at‐seg.org for personalized support.

This page is a work-in-progress. Please add any missing topics. The SEG Digital Library and Wikipedia serve as good starting places to locate content for articles.

SEG's goal is for these topics to introduce the public and refresh professionals on these topics in a clear, concise, and accurate manner, providing a basic understanding of the subject matter. SEG's aim is for these topics to provide the public with greater awareness and understanding of the science and industry of geophysics.

Work in progress structure for the geophysics Knowledge Tree



Computer science


Petroleum engineering