Jenö Gazdag

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Jenö Gazdag
Jeno Gazdag 1978 headshot.png
Latest company IBM Corp
Membership American Physical Society
PhD Electrical Engineering
BSc university McGill University
MSc university University of Toronto
PhD university University of Illinois

Biography 1978

Geophysics 1978 v.43 p.1573.

Jenö Gazdag received his B.E. degree from McGill University in 1959, his M.A.Sc. degree from the University of Toronto in 1961, and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois in 1966, all in electrical engineering. From 1961 to 1962 he was employed by the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa. In 1966, he joined the research division of the IBM Corp. and he is now a staff member of the IBM Scientific Center in Palo Alto. His main research interest is numerical solution methods for partial differential equations. He is a member of the American Physical Society.