Jeffery B. Thurston

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Jeffery B. Thurston
Jeffrey Thurston headshot.png

Jeffery B. Thurston and Richard S. Smith received the 1997 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for their paper Automatic conversion of magnetic data to depth, dip, and susceptibility contrast using the SPI (TM)! method[1]

Biography 1997

Jeffery B. Thurston received his BS (1988) from the University of Alberta in physics and an MS (1991) in geophysics. He worked at Home Oil Co. Ltd., the LITHOPROBE Seismic Processing Facility, and Commonwealth Geophysical Development Co., Ltd., before joining Geoterrex in 1994. His interests include algorithm development and applications for mapping with geophysical data. He is a member of APPEGA and SEG.