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| surname = Mason
| surname = Mason
| image = [[File:Iain_Mason_headshot.png|180px]]
| image = [[File:Iain_Mason_headshot.png|180px]]
| BSc =
| BSc university =University of Cape Town
| MSc =
| PhD university =Edinburgh University
| PhD =
| Company =Oxford University
| BSc university =
| MSc university =
| PhD university =  
| Company =  
| President year =
| Membership =

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Iain Mason
Iain Mason headshot.png
Latest company Oxford University
BSc university University of Cape Town
PhD university Edinburgh University

Iain M. Mason, David J. Buchanan, and Anthony K. Booer received the 1980 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for their paper Channel wave mapping of coal seams in the United Kingdom.[1]

Biography 1980[2]

Iain M. Mason is a Fellow of St. John's College, and a university lecturer in engineering science at Oxford University. He received his first degree from the University of Cape Town in 1964, and his Ph.D. from Edinburgh University in 1968.

He spent a year with Marconi Co. before joining the faculty of University College London to work on a variety of elastic wave propagation, radar, and seismic signal processing problems. He is currently interested in underground imaging.


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