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The SEG recognizes those authors whose papers received Honorable Mention in the search for Best Paper in Geophysics.

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  • 2000 Shear-wave velocity and density estimation from PS-wave AVO anaysis: Application to an OBS dataset set from the North Sea, Side Jin, G. Cambois, and C. Vuillermoz
  • 1999 Converted-wave reflection seismology over inhomogeneous, anisotropic media, Leon Thomsen
  • 1999 3D moveout inversion in azimuthally anisotropic media with lateral velocity variation: Theory and a case study, Vladimir Grechka and Ilya Tsvankin
  • 1997 Velocity analysis using nonhyperbolic moveout in transversely isotropic media, Tariq Ali Alkhalifah
  • 1994 Porosity, permeability, shear strength: Crosswell tomography below an iron foundry, T. Yamamoto, T. Nye, and M. Kuru
  • 1993 A finite-difference time-domain solution for three-dimensional electromagnetic modeling, T. Wang and G. W. Hohmann
  • 1992 Velocity modeling of a long period static anomaly, West Cameron Block 225, a Gulf of Mexico case history, J. E. Pickard
  • 1992 A scattered equivalent-source method for interpolation and gridding of potential-field data in three dimensions, L. Cordell
  • 1991 The generalized gravity anomaly: Endoscopic microgravity, J. Lakshmanan
  • 1991 Fresnel zones in the light of broad-band data, R. W. Knapp
  • 1990 Velocity-depth ambiguity of reflection traveltimes, S. H. Bickel
  • 1990 Three-dimensional migration of Swath Surveys, by J. R. Krebs
  • 1990 The electrical field in a borehole with a casing, A. A. Kaufman
  • 1990 Reflection shear-wave data collected near the principal Axes of Azimuthal anisotropy, H. N. Lynn and L. A. Thomsen
  • 1990 Apparent layering in common-midpoint stacked images of two-dimensionally heterogeneous targets, B.S. Gibson and A.R. Levander
  • 1989 Integrated Seismic Analysis: Kidney Area, Northern Alberta, Canada, R. R. Stewart
  • 1989 A case history of velocity problems in the shadow zone of a large growth fault in the Frio Formation, Texas Gulf Coast, J.L. Allen and J.M. Burso
  • 1988 Reflection seismology over azimuthally anisotropic media, Leon Thomsen
  • 1988 Normal moveout revisited: Inhomogeneous media and curved interfaces, Eric de Bazelaire
  • 1988 Elastic wave-field inversion of reflection and transmission data, Peter Mora
  • 1988 Cellular-automaton fluids: A model for flow in a porous media, Daniel Rothman