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The SEG recognizes those authors whose papers received Honorable mention in the
==Papers receiving Honorable Mention==
for [[Best Paper in Geophysics]]. Return to [[SEG Honors and Awards]]

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The SEG recognizes those authors whose papers received Honorable mention in the for Best Paper in Geophysics. Return to SEG Honors and Awards

  • 2012 "Retrieving 2D structures from surface-wave data by means of space-varying spatial windowing," Paolo Bergamo, Daniele Boiero, Laura Valentina Socco
  • 2012 "Imaging condition for nonlinear scattering-based imaging: Estimate of power loss in scattering," Clement Fleury, Ivan Vasconcelos
  • 2012 "Imaging and quantifying salt-tracer transport in a riparian groundwater system by means of 3D ERT monitoring," Joseph Doetsch, Niklas Linde, Tobias Vogt, Andrew Binley, Alan Green
  • 2011 "Scale properties of the seismic wavefield perspectives for full-waveform matching," Margherita Maraschini, Daniele Boiero, Sebastiano Foti, Valentina Socco
  • 2011 "Quest for consistency, symmetry, and simplicity -- The legacy of Albert Tarantola," Klaus Mosegaard
  • 2011 "Full-azimuth subsurface angle domain wavefield decomposition and imaging Part I: Directional and reflection image gathers," Zvi Koren, Igor Ravve
  • 2011 "Focused-source electromagnetic survey versus standard CSEM: 3D modeling in complex geometries," Sofia Davydycheva, Nikolai Rykhlinski
  • 2010 "On data-independent multicomponent interpolators and the use of priors for optimal reconstruction and 3D up/down separation of pressure wavefields," Kemal Ordemir, Ali Ozbek, Dirk-Jan van Manen, Massimiliano Vassallo
  • 2010 "Interpolation with Fourier-radial adaptive thresholding," William Curry
  • 2010 "Coupled equations for reverse time migration in transversely isotropic media," Paul Fowler, Xiang Du, Robin Fletcher
  • 2010 "A perspective on 3D surface-related multiple elimination," William Dragoset, Eric Verschuur, Ian Moore, Richard Bisley
  • 2009 "Unified theory of global flow and squirt flow in cracked porous media," Morten Jakobsen and Mark Chapman
  • 2009 "Reverse time migration in tilted transversely isotropic (TTI) media," Robin Fletcher, Xiang Du, and Paul Fowler
  • 2009 "3D finite-difference frequency-domain modeling of controlled-source electromagnetic data: Direct solution and optimizations for high accuracy," Rita Streich
  • 2008 "Real-time completion monitoring with acoustic waves," Andrey Bakulin, Alexander Sidorov, Boris Kashtan, and Mikko Jaaskelainen
  • 2008 "Plane-wave migration in tilted coordinates," Guojian Shan and Biondo Biondi
  • 2008 "Nonlinear 3D tomographic least-squares inversion of residual moveout in Kirchhoff prestack-depth-migration common-image gathers," Frank Adler, Reda Baina, Mohamed Amine Soudani, Pierre Cardon, and Jean-Baptiste Richard
  • 2008 "Estimating quality factor and mean grain size of sediments from high-resolution marine seismic data," Luke Pinson, Timothy Henstock, Justin Dix, and Jonathan Bull
  • 2007 "Seismic modeling of gas chimneys," Borge Arnsten, Lars Wensaas, Helge Loseth, and Christian Hermanrud
  • 2007 "Multitransient electromagnetic demonstration survey in France," Anton Ziolkowski, Bruce A. Hobbs, and David Wright
  • 2007 "Forward modeling of fracture-induced sonic anisotropy using a combination of borehole image and sonic logs," Adam Donald, Romain Prioul, Randy Koepsell, Zakariae El Marzouski, and Tom Bratton
  • 2007 "A tutorial on complex seismic trace analysis," Arthur E. Barnes
  • 2006 "The virtual source method: Theory and case study," Andrey Bakulin and Rodney W. Calvert
  • 2006 "Properties of surface waveguides derived from separate and joint inversion of dispersive TE and TM GPR data," Jan van der Kruk, Rita Streich, and Alan Green
  • 2006 "Induced polarization meassurements on unconsolidated sediments from a site of active hydrocarbon biodegradation," Gamal Abdel Aal, Lee Slater, and Estella Atekwana
  • 2006 "Correlation of random wavefields: An interdisciplinary review," Eric Larose, Ludovic Margerin, Arnaud Derode, Bart van Tiggelen, Michel Campillo, Nikolai Shapiro, Anne Paul, Laurent Stehly, and Mickael Tanter
  • 2005 "Full-resolution 3D GPR imaging," Mark P. Grasmueck, Ralf J. Weger and Heinrich Horstmeyer
  • 2004 "Expanded uncertainty quantification in inverse problems: Hierarchical Bayes and empirical Bayes," Alberto Malinverno and Victoria A. Briggs
  • 2004 "Efficient waveform inversion and imaging: A strategy for selecting temporal frequencies," Laurent Sirgue and R. Gerhard Pratt
  • 2004 "Diffraction imaging by focusing-defocusing: An outlook on seismic superresolution," V. Khaidukov, Evgeny Landa, and T. J. Moser
  • 2004 "Coupled geomechanics and flow simulation for time-lapse seismic modeling," Susan E. Minkoff, Charles Mike Stone, Steven L.Bryant, and Malgorzata Peszynska
  • 2003 "Seismic trace interpolation in the Fourier transform domain," Necati Gülünay
  • 2003 "Focusing in dip and AVA compensation on scattering-angle/azimuth common image gathers," Sverre Brandsperg-Dahl, Maarten V. e Hoop and Bjørn Ursin
  • 2003 "Angle-domain common-image gathers by wavefield continuation methods," Paul C. Sava and Sergey Fomel
  • 2003 "An efficient finite-difference scheme for electromagnetic logging in 3D anisotropic inhomogeneous media," Sofia Davydycheva, Vladimir L. Druskin and Tarek Habashy
  • 2002 "Seismic modeling," Jose Carcione, Gerard Herman and Fons Ten Kroode
  • 2002 "Seismic anisotropy in sedimentary rocks, part 1: A single-plug laboraroty method," Zhijing Wang
  • 2002 "PP + PSS = SS," Vladimir Gretchka and Ilya Tsvankin
  • 2002 "A new approach to offshore drill-bit reverse seismic vertical profiling (RSVP)," Flavio Poletto and Guiliano Dordolo
  • 2001 "Use of multiattribute transforms to predict log properties from seismic data," Daniel P. Hampson, James S. Schuelke, and John A. Quirein
  • 2001 Seismic migration problems and solutions," Samuel H. Gray, John Etgen, Joe Dellinger, and Dan Whitmore
  • 2001 "Prestack Gaussian-beam depth migration," N. Ross Hill
  • 2001 "Potential-field inversion: Choosing the appropriate technique to solve a geologic problem," João B.C. Silva, Walter E. Medeiros, and Valéria C.F. Barbosa
  • 2000 "Shear-wave velocity and density estimation from PS-wave AVO anaysis: Application to an OBS dataset set from the North Sea," Side Jin, G. Cambois, and C. Vuillermoz
  • 2000 "Phase encoding of shot records in prestack migration," Louis A. Romero, Dennis C. Ghiglia, Curtis C. Ober, and Scott A. Morton
  • 2000 "Drill-bit signal separation for RVSP using statistical independence," Flavio Poletto, Fabio L. Rocca, and Luca Bertelli
  • 2000 "3D prestack Kirchhoff beam migration for depth imaging," Yonghe Sun, Fuhao Qin, Steve Checkles, and Jacques P. Leveille
  • 1999 "Imaging structures below dipping TI media," Robert W. Vestrum, Donald C. Lawton, and Ron Schmid
  • 1999 "Estimating depth of investigation in dc resistivity and IP surveys," Douglas W. Oldenburg and Yaoguo Li
  • 1999 "Converted-wave reflection seismology over inhomogeneous, anisotropic media," Leon Thomsen
  • 1999 "Concepts of normal and dip moveout," Christopher L. Liner
  • 1999 "3D moveout inversion in azimuthally anisotropic media with lateral velocity variation: Theory and a case study," Vladimir Grechka and Ilya Tsvankin
  • 1998 "Some remarks on surface multiple attenuation," William H. Dragoset and Zeljko Jericevic
  • 1998 "Smiles and frowns in migration velocity analysis," Jinming Zhu, Larry R. Lines, and Samuel H. Gray
  • 1998 "Bounds on low-frequency seismic velocities in partially saturated rocks," Gerald (Gary) M. Mavko and Tapan Mukerji
  • 1998 "3D symmetric sampling," Gijs J. O. Vermeer
  • 1997 "Velocity analysis using nonhyperbolic moveout in transversely isotropic media," Tariq Ali Alkhalifah
  • 1997 "Electroseismic investigation of the shallow subsurface: Field measurements and numerical modeling," Oleg V. Mikhailov, Matthijs W. Haartsen, and M. Nafi Toksöz
  • 1996 "A unified approach to 3-D seismic reflection imaging, Part I: Basic concepts," Peter Hubral, Jörg Schleicher, and Martin Tygel
  • 1996 "3-D seismic evidence of the effects of carbonate karst collapse on overlying clastic stratigraphy and reservoir compartmentalization", Bob A. Hardage, David L. Carr, David E. Lancaster, James L. Simmons Jr., Robert Y. Elphick, Virginia M. Pendleton, and Ronald A. Johns
  • 1995 "Velocity analysis for transversely isotropic media," Tariq Alkhalifah and Ilya Tsvankin
  • 1995 "High-resolution crosswell imaging of a west Texas carbonate reservoir: Part 1 - Project summary and interpretation," Jerry M. Harris, Richard C. Nolen-Hocksema, Robert T. Langan, Mark A. Van Schaack, Spyros K. Lazaratos, and James W. Rector III
  • 1994 "Porosity, permeability, shear strength: Crosswell tomography below an iron foundry," T. Yamamoto, T. Nye, and M. Kuru
  • 1994 "Modeling of streaming potential responses caused by oil well pumping," B. Wurmstich and F. Morgan
  • 1994 "Inversion of induced polarization data," D. Oldenburg and Y. Li
  • 1993 "Resolution limits in ray tomography due to wave behavior: Numerical experiments," P.R. Williams and M.H. Worthington
  • 1993 "Identifying remanent magnetization efforts in magnetic data," W.R. Roest and M. Pilkington
  • 1993 "A finite-difference time-domain solution for three-dimensional electromagnetic modeling," T. Wang and G.W. Hohmann
  • 1992 "Velocity modeling of a long period static anomaly, West Cameron Block 225, a Gulf of Mexico case history," J.E. Pickard
  • 1992 "Radiation pattern and seismic waves generated by a roller-cone drill bit," J.W. Rector III and B.A. Hardage
  • 1992 "Magnetic interpretation using the 3-D analytic signal," W.R. Roest, J. Verhoel, and M. Pilkington
  • 1992 "Fresnel volume ray tracing," V. Cerveny and J.E.P. Soares
  • 1992 "A scattered equivalent-source method for interpolation and gridding of potential-field data in three dimensions," L. Cordell
  • 1992 "A physical model study of shear-wave splitting and fracture intensity," R.H. Tatham, M.D. Matthews, R.K. Sekharan, C.J. Wade, and L.M. Liro
  • 1991 "Why don't we measure seismic signatures?" A. Ziolkowski
  • 1991 "The use of drill-bit energy as a downhole seismic source," J.W. Rector III and B.P. Marion
  • 1991 "The generalized gravity anomaly: Endoscopic microgravity," J. Lakshmanan
  • 1991 "Fresnel zones in the light of broad-band data," R.W. Knapp
  • 1991 "Conductivity-depth imaging of airborne electromagnetic step-response data," J.C. Macnae, R. Smith, B.D. Polzer, Y. Lamontagne, and P.S. Klinkert
  • 1990 "Velocity-depth ambiguity of reflection traveltimes," S.H. Bickel
  • 1990 "Transient electromagnetic responses of significant polarizable patches," G.W. Hohmann and G.A. Newman
  • 1990 "Three-dimensional migration of Swath Surveys," by J.R. Krebs
  • 1990 "The electrical field in a borehole with a casing," A.A. Kaufman
  • 1990 "Seismic traveltime inversion for transverse isotropy," B.S. Byun and D. Corrigan
  • 1990 "Schlumberger soundings near Medicine Lake, California," A.A.R. Zohdy and R.J. Bisdorf
  • 1990 "Reflection shear-wave data collected near the principal Axes of Azimuthal anisotropy," H.N. Lynn and L.A. Thomsen
  • 1990 "Ground-roll: Rejection using polarized filters," C-F. Shieh and R.B. Herrmann
  • 1990 "Apparent layering in common-midpoint stacked images of two-dimensionally heterogeneous targets," B.S. Gibson and A.R. Levander
  • 1990 "An accurate and efficient scheme for wave propagation in linear viscoelastic media," H. Tal-Ezer, J.M. Carcione, and D. Kosloff
  • 1989 "Integrated Seismic Analysis: Kidney Area, Northern Alberta, Canada," R.R. Stewart
  • 1989 "In quest of the flank," K.L. Larner, Craig Beasley and Walt Lynn
  • 1989 " A case history of velocity problems in the shadow zone of a large growth fault in the Frio Formation, Texas Gulf Coast," J.L. Allen and J.M. Burso
  • 1988 "Seismic contouring: A unique skill," Paul Tucker
  • 1988 "Reflection seismology over azimuthally anisotropic media," Leon Thomsen
  • 1988 "Normal moveout revisited: Inhomogeneous media and curved interfaces," Eric de Bazelaire
  • 1988 "Imaging discontinuities on seismic sections," E.R. Kanasewich and S.M. Phadke
  • 1988 "Elastic wave-field inversion of reflection and transmission data," Peter Mora
  • 1988 "Cellular-automaton fluids: A model for flow in a porous media," Daniel Rothman
  • 1988 "A three-dimensional perspective on 2-D moveout," David Forel and Gerald Gardner
  • 1987 "Cascaded migration: Improving the accuracy of finite-difference migration," Ken Larner and Craig Beasley