Honorable Mentions (Best Paper, Annual Meeting)

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The SEG recognizes Honorable Mentions in the search for the Best Paper, Annual Meeting.

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  • 2012 "On the prediction of repeatability noise in marine time-lapse surveys," Juan Cantillo
  • 2011 "An improved gradient computation for adjoint wave-equation reflection tomography," Uwe Albertin
  • 2008 "Case history: Converted-wave splitting estimation and compensation," Jim Simmons
  • 1994 "Ultrasonic laboratory measurements of the elastic properties of shales," Brian E. Hornby
  • 1994 "Successful estimation of Q from surface seismic data: Methodology and case studies," R. A. Clark
  • 1994 "Subsalt imaging over the Mahogany salt sill," Davis W. Ratcliff
  • 1994 "Stability of explicit depth extrapolation through laterally-varying media," John T. Etgen
  • 1994 "SEG Distinguished Lecture: Environmental geophysics--fad or future?," Phillip R. Romig
  • 1994 "Nonbright spot AVO: Two examples," Christopher P. Ross
  • 1994 "Laboratory observations of azimuthal velocity variations caused by borehole stress concentrations,v Kenneth W. Winkler
  • 1994 "Heimdal monitoring I: Establishing feasibility from cores and logs," Diane Jizba
  • 1994 "Effect of strain amplitude and frequency on compressional and shear wave velocities and amplitudes in sandstones," Azra Tutuncu
  • 1994 "AVO as an exploration tool: Gulf of Mexico case studies and examples," David Hall
  • 1993 "Tomography with multiple arrivals: How to handle noise corrupted data?," F. Delprat-Jannaud
  • 1993 "Prestack elastic migration by displacement potential extrapolation and time consistent image," S. Greenhalgh
  • 1993 "Possibilities and limitations of turning ray tomography--a synthetics study," J. P. Stefani
  • 1993 "Parameter testing of ground-penetrating radar for geological investigations in a poor-data area," Leigh Wood
  • 1993 "Multicomponent VP/VS correlation analysis," James E. Gaiser
  • 1993 "Modeling a priori information on the velocity field in reflection tomography," D. Sinoquet
  • 1993 "Geometric constraints on seismic inversion," Roelof Versteeg
  • 1993 "Comparison of AVO indicators: A modeling study," J. P. Castagna
  • 1993 "A gravity study of Cameroon (West Africa) and geodynamical implications," Y. H. Poudom Djomani
  • 1992 "Sensitivity analysis of cross-well electromagnetics," B. Spies
  • 1992 "Seismic data integration in reservoir simulations through a multivariate statistical calibrating approach," F. Fournier
  • 1992 "Models of seismic wave radiation from borehole sources in fast and slow formations, R. Gibson
  • 1992 "Inverse borehole coupling theory and its application to hydrophone vertical seismic profiling," T. L. Marzetta
  • 1992 "Improving prestack f-k migration velocity analysis using residual moveout," P. Fowler
  • 1992 "High-resolution cross-well imaging of a west Texas carbonate reservoir: Part I, data acquisition and project overview," J. M. Harris
  • 1992 "Ergonomics in 3-D depth migration," K. Wyatt
  • 1992 "Do core sample measurements record group or phase velocity?," J. Dellinger
  • 1992 "Defining the salt with walkaway VSPs and a salt proximity survey, Auger Field, Gulf of Mexico," T. B. Barker
  • 1991 "Where are the fault-plane reflections?," S. MacKay
  • 1991 "Steep-dip time migration and residual depth migration," J. L. Black
  • 1991 "Prestack frequency-wavenumber (f-k) migration in a transversely isotropic medium," A. Gonzalez
  • 1991 "Fluid saturation effects on extensional wave attenuation," C. S. Yin
  • 1991 "Exact two-pass full dip (90 degrees) 3-D migration for vertically inhomogeneous media," Naide Pan
  • 1991 "An examination of amplitude-versus-offset attributes of a middle Devonian carbonate bank margin at the Caroline giant gas pool, Alberta," R. G. Morris
  • 1991 "Accurate finite-difference calculations of WKBJ traveltimes and amplitudes," L. C. Pusey
  • 1990 "Radon multiple elimination, a practical methodology for land data," P. Kelamis
  • 1990 "Modern technology in an old area: Bay Marchand Field revisited," Roger Wright
  • 1990 "Gravity corrections for earth curvature," T. R. LaFehr
  • 1990 "Efficient migration through irregular water-bottom topography," W. Lynn
  • 1990 "Effect of viscoelasticity and anisotropy on amplitude-versus-offset interpretation," J. P. Blangy
  • 1990 "Bullwinkle: A unique 3-D experiment," J. J. O'Connell
  • 1990 "Aeromagnetic structural interpretation using neural networks: A case study from the northern Denver-Julesberg Basin," J. M. Wiener
  • 1990 "3-D depth migration via McClellan transformations," D. Hale
  • 1989 "Wave-type separation in 3-D anisotropic media," J. Dellinger
  • 1989 "Statistical examination of linear trends in a compilation of aeromagnetic data from the southwestern U.S., V. J. S. Grauch
  • 1989 "Seismic-stratigraphic analysis of Plio-Pleistocene depositional facies, east and west Cameron, offshore Louisiana," J. A. Pacht
  • 1989 "Phase-modulated geotectonic imaging of the gravity field of North America," F. B. Davies
  • 1989 "Magnetotellurics in Papua New Guinea", K. R. Christopherson
  • 1989 "Inversion of observed gravity profiles by the ridge regression method," J. A. Lehman
  • 1989 "Converted P-SV wave analysis of a fractured reservoir, Silo Field, Wyoming," D. Emmer
  • 1989 "Attenuation of water-column reverberations using pressure and velocity detectors in a water-bottom cable," F. J. Barr
  • 1989 "3-D f-k filtering," R. R. Stewart