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SEG Wiki articles cover topics at several levels of detail: the lead (or introduction) contains a quick summary of the topic's most important points, and each major subtopic is detailed in its own section of the article. The length of a given article tends to grow as people add information to it. This does not go on forever: very long articles would cause problems and should be split. A fuller treatment of any major subtopic should go in a separate article of its own.

  • The lead (or introduction) does not have a section heading (i.e. don't add ==Introduction== or similar)
  • The lead should stand alone as a concise overview
  • It is an abstract of the article so...
    • should only contain things that are in the article
    • should contain actual information, not just the promise of information
  • The table of contents will automatically appear after the lead if the article has more than three headings

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