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Before you get started, visit the list of current Student Chapters on the wiki and see if yours is listed. Basic information on active student chapters are listed in alphabetical order. For those student chapters listed in red (or not listed), we need your help in building your Chapter's page. If you are a member, former member, or knowledgeable of any of the Chapters listed, please update the information on your page. Use the directions on this page to get started.

Example pages

I encourage you to use SGS and UGM as examples for your own Student Chapter page. These are great examples to base your own page off.

After you complete your page, add [[Category: Student Chapters]] to your Student Chapter page to be automatically added to the Student Chapter category.

Help guides

  • Quick guide to making contributions - this document is a reference to the majority of editing tools you need to make contributions
  • Video tutorial series - goes over all of the basics of contributing to the wiki


I find the easiest way to make contributions is to use other completed pages and make it my own, for example using the Student Chapter examples above. If you would like more assistance, the SEG Wiki team would be happy to schedule a time where we can go through a page together with an online webinar. We have done this in the past and have found it very helpful to contributors. Contact wiki‐at‐ to set up your time today.