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The best way to create a new article is to create a link to the desired article name in another article. For example, to link to a new article called imaging, make a link like so:

It was thought to be an [[imaging]] problem.

You can also search for the article in question. If you do not return relevant results, click on the red link that will appear below the search bar. Please avoid using language like please click on the following link: my awesome page. It's much better to stick to natural language, and simply link the relevant words.

Create your own profile

  1. To access your user page, first make sure to login to SEG's single sign-on system (SSO) using your login credentials
  2. Copy the wiki text below to create the template for your own user page.
  3. After copying the text, click here to paste the text (click on Create on top right).
    1. Visit Andrew's user page for a completed example.
  4. Add your own personal information under each category

Information can include:

  • Volunteer role, companies or professional affiliations
  • Expertise, topics of interest
  • One question about the wiki
  • A photo (if you'd like)

Please copy the text in the box below as-is. Do not use <nowiki> tags when creating your user profile.

{{DISPLAYTITLE:My name here}}
Insert introduction - name, job title, school, contact information, etc.

== Volunteer role, companies or professional affiliations ==

== Skills and interests ==

== Subject expertise ==

== One question for the SEG Wiki ==

== Sandboxes ==

TIP: To add additional sandboxes, change the name of the pages (no need to delete the original Sandbox page). For example, [[/Test 2/]], [[/AVO test/]], and so forth.

Launch a new article

  • Search if the article already exists
  • If it does not, create from result page (click on red link)
  • Add relevant categories (list of categories)
  • Upload a new file
QUICK LAYER: Visit the article template and writing a good article for more information.

Create a new article - step by step

  1. Add a link to an existing page OR click on the red link that appears in the result page when you search for the article
    1. Tips for naming articles
  2. Click the red link you just made to start the new page
  3. Write the introduction
  4. Add links liberally, but not willy-nilly
  5. Write the article, adding references as you go
  6. Add See also, External links, and References sections
  7. If it’s a stub, add {{stub}}
  8. Add it to at least one [[Category:Example]]
  9. Add #REDIRECT pages for the new article
  10. Search the wiki and link from related articles
QUICK LAYER: Use a text-processing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to develop your article offline. You can also use Kile or Texmaker for LaTeX.

Deleting articles

You can rename an article by moving it — use the drop down arrow located to the right of the star near the top of the page. This creates a redirect automatically, so it does not break any links.

You cannot delete an article, however. Instead, please add this to the top of the page:

{{delete|reason=Please give a reason for requesting deletion!}}

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