Fred Aminzadeh

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Fred Aminzadeh
Fred Aminzadeh headshot.jpg
Latest company dGB-USA
President year 2007
PhD Geophysics
PhD university University of Southern California

Fred Aminzadeh is a geophysicist and was the 2007-2008 SEG President.

Biography for the Special Commendation Award

From: The leading edge, July 2006, Vol. 25, No. 7

Fred Aminzadeh has been an SEG member for nearly 30 years. He has been active in many SEG committees, including Research (chairman, 1994-1996), Global Affairs (vice chairman, 2000-2001), Interpretation, SEG75, and D&P.

He has organized and chaired many SEG international conferences, workshops, and technical sessions. Fred has been a member of the SEG Trustee Associates since 2002 and received SEG's Special Commendation award in 1998.

Most recently, he served as SEG vice president in 2001-2002. Fred, also an AAPG, SPE, and EAGE member, has helped strengthen intersociety relations. He pursued collaboration with EAGE on the SEG/EAGE salt/overthrust modeling project, the results of which are still used extensively for imaging benchmarking. He has been involved in SPE/AAPG forums, journals, and committees. He helped found SEG chapters in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, served on the U.S. National Academy of Science's NRC Committee on Seismology, and is a member of the Azerbaijan Oil Academy and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Fred's experience covers a broad spectrum, from large oil companies to small service companies and academia. He has been Unocal's manager of geophysical technology, an adjunct professor at Rice, and consultant to national laboratories (LANL, LBNL, ORNL). Currently, he is president/CEO of dGB-USA in SugarLand, Texas. His diverse technical contributions include those in processing, modeling, attributes, reservoir characterization, and neural networks. His PhD dissertation at USC involved elastic/AVO modeling. Fred has published 10 books and holds many patents. In 2005, Fred

emerged as the only geoscientist finalist for the World Oil 2005 Innovative Thinkers Award.