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Multiple lists of Charter Members and Founding Members of the SEG exist. A list of 30 Charter Members were the original members of SEG who are said to have met on 11 March 1930 at the University Club in Houston to form the SEG.[1]

The Charter Members of SEG

On 11 March 1930, the Society of Economic Geophysicists was founded by 30 geoscientists at the University Club in Houston. Donald C. Barton was elected president, E. E. Rosaire vice president, and John F. Weinzierl secretary treasurer. The Society's Constitution and Bylaws were adopted on 20 May by the following Charter Members:

Founding members of SEG

The 1946 SEG Year Book lists 46 Founding Members of SEG.[2] Yet another Yearbook lists 49 Founding Members. [3]


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