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Fossil Fuel which became extensively used in countries around the world by the 19th Century, is a Non- renewable form of Energy that meets about 85 percent of the energy demands of the United States of America. The three types of Fossil Fuel are coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Fossil fuel makes our daily life possible, it helps in the production if commercial goods.

How is Fossil Fuel Used

There are three type of fossil fuel that could be used for different purposes as listed below


naturally extracted from the ground, then refined in refineries, it is known as the world’s primary source of transportation. After being refined by oil companies, Oil can be transformed into commercial products that we use every day such as Pesticides, fertilizers that are used for Agriculture; also it could be used in the production of plastics. It could be used in the making of asphalt for roads, fuel for cars and jets, the lubricants that we use (Grease) and many more.


This form of fossil fuel that is mined from mines around the United States; this form of fossil fuel is used to generate electrical power. Coal is also responsible for the 39 percent of electricity supply in United States in 2014. It is very diverse in its use. Its use could range from generic electricity generation to electrical utilities that are used in our homes. It could also be used to make steel and cement.


The last form of fossil fuel, which could be used in our homes for cooking, heating and powering air conditioning, accounted for 27 percent of Energy use in the United States in 2014. This form of gas has its highest demand in the winter periods because consumers use this form of energy to heat their homes.

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