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Esben Auken
Latest company University of Aarhus, Denmark
MSc Geophsyics
PhD Geophysics
MSc university The University of Aarhus
PhD university The University of Aarhus

Esben Auken is a professor of geophysics at the Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University, Denmark. He gained a PhD (1996) in geophysics from Aarhus University. His research group, The HydroGeophysics Group (HGG), includes almost 20 scientists all working with electrical and electromagnetic methods for high-resolution mapping of the shallow subsurface with focus on surface and ground water. HGG does high-level research on instrumental engineering, data processing, and high-performance 1D, 2D, and 3D inversion algorithms. Hydrologic modeling with extensive input from areal covering geophysical measurements is an integrated part of the research. The geophysical focus areas are surface nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and ground-based and airborne transient electromagnetic and surface and cross borehole direct current and induced polarization. In addition, Esben teaches short courses for professionals and for undergraduate and postgraduate students. He is co-founder of SkyTEM Surveys Aps and Aarhus Geosoftware Aps, both spin-off companies from the research group.

Esben Auken was the recipient of the 2016 Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award. The Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award was established to recognize an individual who shows extraordinary leadership in advancing the cause of near-surface geophysics through long-term, tireless, and enthusiastic support of the near-surface geophysics community. Esben is the author of the electromagnetic inversion engine emldinv.exe (Fortran) that serves as the core of the inversion software developed by The HydroGeophysics Group.[1] He is a member of SEG, EAGE, EEGS, and ASEG.[2]

2018 SEG Virtual Near-Surface Global Lecturer

Exploiting the huge advancements in EM instrumentation for full 3D large-scale resolution of the subsurface

In the lecture, I will discuss the huge advancement in electromagnetic instrumentation and data processing which has occurred within the last decade. Applications are: surface and groundwater resource mapping, raw materials for construction, geotechnical problems, etc. The advancements mainly have been within airborne transient electromagnetic (AEM), but lately also ground-based ground conductivity meters and transient electromagnetic (TEM) methods have shown new and exciting possibilities. AEM is efficient for mapping hundreds of square kilometers of land while the ground-based methods yield extremely high resolution of the geologic layers on 100–1000 hectare scale surveys. I will discuss the particularities of a new TEM system called tTEM. tTEM is a small towed TEM system yielding resolution on the 10x10 m scale with a mapping speed of 100 hectare per field day. I will give mapping examples with this system and with the SkyTEM system and demonstrate how the geophysical models can be efficiently used to form the structures in groundwater models.

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A recording of the lecture is available.[3]


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