Edwin Neitzel

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Edwin Neitzel
Edwin B. Neitzel headshot.png
Latest company GSI
Membership Life Member

Biography for SEG Second Vice-President

Geophysics 1978 v.43 n.4 p.861.

Edwin B. Neitzel, candidate for Second Vice-President, has been a member of SEG for over 25 years. He is currently Past-President and District Representative of the Dallas Geophysical Society. In addition, he has served the Dallas Geophysical Society as First and Second Vice-President, Secretary, and Newsletter Editor. He is also now serving on the SEG Technical Standards Committee and in previous years served on the SEG Committee on Radio Facilities.

Neitzel has divided his career almost equally between Atlantic Richfield Co. (formerly Atlantic Refining Co.) and Geophysical Service Inc. He obtained his engineering degree from SMU in 1950 while working on the CO-OP program with Atlantic, later obtained his M.S. degree from the University of Texas while on leave of absence, and in 1966 completed the TI sponsored UCLA Modern Engineering Program. His research at the University of Texas was on application of information theory to seismic data enhancement. With Atlantic he worked as observer, party chief of the company experimental crew, seismologist, research engineer and technical supervisor of the Geophysical Laboratory. Since joining GSI in 1961, he has been chief resarch engineer, director of engineering, and its current manager of technical marketing with major interest in GSI's international operations.

Neitzel has published many technical papers and has been issued over 100 patents. An early publication in 1958 GEOPHYSICS was given a Geophyscs Classics Award in 1960. His memberships at present are the Dallas Geophysical Society and the SEG.