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Absorption terminology (A-2)2
Age dating, radioactive (A-5)6
Air pressure/temperature/humidity nomogram (A-7)8
Amplitude variation with offset classification (A-12)12
Archie’s formula for different lithologies (A-17)18
Atmospheric layering (A-22)24
Attributes, seismic (A-23)25
Bathymetric zonation (B-1)33
Beaufort wind scale and Douglas sea-state scale (B-2)34
Boolean algebra representation and truth tables (B-5)39
Channel waves (C-2)50
Chronostratigraphic chart (C-4)53
Conic section equations (C-12)65
Coordinate transforms (C-14)68
Decibel conversion (D-3)80
Depth of investigation and resolution for logging tools (D-8)85
Earth layering terminology and depth relations (E-1)112
Earthquake wavefronts and terminology (E-2)113
Elastic constants in isotropic media (E-5)115
Elastic moduli (E-6)116
Electrical and electromagnetic methods (E-7)117
Electric quantities and units (E-8)120
Electromagnetic spectrum (E-11)122
Ellipse terminology (E-12) 123
Eustatic cycles (E-13)126
Fault types (F-3)132
Filtering types (F-8)138
First motion of fault breaks (F-10)140
Fourier transform pairs (F-19)149
Fourier transform operations and theorems (F-20) (F-22)150
Fresnel-zone nomogram (F-26)154
Geodetic systems (G-2)160
Geomagnetic polarity time scale (G-4)162
Gravity methods resolution (G-8)167
Hooke’s law generalizations (H-7)178
Hydrocarbon indicators (H-10)181
Hyperbolic functions (H-13)183
Kepler (astronomic) coordinates (K-1)200
Layering beneath the oceans (L-4)207
Lithology of rocks (L-7) (L-8) (L-9)212
Magnetic quantities and units (M-1)219
Magnetic resolution (M-3)221
Map projections (M-4)224
Matrix terminology (M-6)226
Means or averages (M-7)228
Modified Mercalli scale (M-9)230
Migration types (M-12)233
Milankovitch cycles and orbital perturbations (M-13)234
Number systems (N-4)248
Permeabilities of rock types (P-1) 262
Polarity standard (P-6)267
Positioning and navigation systems (P-10)271
Probability functions (P-13)275
Rayleigh-Willis relation (R-5)287
Reflection and refraction equations for constant velocity overburden (R-9)293
Resistivities of earth materials (R-11)295
Resource classification–SPE definitions (R-12)297
Rippability of rocks by bulldozer (R-15)302
Sequence stratigraphy (Haq) chart–Paleogene and Neogene (S-5)315
Sines and cosines, laws of (S-10)320
Snell’s law (S-12)322
Static correction (S-22)335
Statistical measures (S-23)336
Symmetry systems (S-29)343
System tracts (S-32) 345
Thermodynamic functions (T-2)351
3D data-slicing for 2D visualization (T-5)355
Township range– Canadian and American systems (T-11)362
Transverse isotropy or Polar anisotropy (T-13)366
Trigonometric identities (T-15) 367
Triple-junction types (T-16)369
Vectors (V-2)376
Velocity of seismic waves– terminology (V-3)377
Vertical seismic profile applications (V-11)383
Water velocity (W-1)387
Wave definitions (W-2)388
Wave notation (W-7)392
Well classification (W-8)393
Well-log measurements and applications (W-9)394
Wentworth particle-size scale (W-11) 396
Windows in time and frequency domains (W-12)397
Zoeppritz equations (Z-1)401