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<b> 1 </b>.共同向单个通道馈电的各种地震检波器或水听器。检波器的数量可能从一百到几百不等。 一大群人有时称为<b>补丁</ b>。 参见[[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:array_(seismic)|''array (seismic)'']]. <b>2</b>.震源组由几个震源或震源位置组成,这些震源或震源位置组合在一起形成一条地震道。它们可以一起激活或随后组合。  <b> 3 </b>.岩相地层划分;参见[[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:stratigraphic_classification|''stratigraphic classification'']]
<b>1</b>. The various geophones or hydrophones that collectively feed a single channel. The number of phones may vary from one to several hundred. A large group is sometimes called a <b>patch</b>. See [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:array_(seismic)|''array (seismic)'']]. <b>2</b>. A source group consists of the several sources or source locations that are combined together to form one seismic trace. They may be activated together or combined subsequently. <b>3</b>. A lithostratigraphic subdivision; see [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:stratigraphic_classification|''stratigraphic classification'']].

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1 .共同向单个通道馈电的各种地震检波器或水听器。检波器的数量可能从一百到几百不等。 一大群人有时称为补丁</ b>。 参见array (seismic). 2.震源组由几个震源或震源位置组成,这些震源或震源位置组合在一起形成一条地震道。它们可以一起激活或随后组合。 3 .岩相地层划分;参见stratigraphic classification