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1. A rock sample cut from a borehole or retrieved from the sea floor. See core analysis. 2. The Earth’s core is the central portion bounded by the Gutenberg discontinuity (≈2900 km deep) that separates it from the mantle. The core’s radius is ≈3500 km; it is presumed to be composed predominantly of iron and silicates. See Figure E-1. Divided into outer core (which will not transmit S-waves) and inner core, the radius of the inner core being about 1220 km. The inner core was discovered by Inge Lehmann in 1936. 3. A material of high magnetic permeability placed in the center of a coil of wire. Used in the flux-gate magnetometer for measuring magnetic fields. 4. A magnetic core (q.v.) is a device that used to be used in rapid-access memories.