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<b>1</b>. [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:converted_wave|<b>''C''</b>''onverted wave'']] (q.v.), especially where mode conversion occurs at the reflector; a PS- or SP-wave. See Figure [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Fig_C-13|C-13]]. <b>2</b>. [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:coupled_wave|''Coupled wave'']] (q.v.).
<b>1</b>. 转换波特别是在反射层发生模式转换的地方; PS或SP波。 见图F[[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Fig_C-13|C-13]]. <b>2</b>. 耦合波.

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1. 转换波特别是在反射层发生模式转换的地方; PS或SP波。 见图FC-13. 2. 耦合波.