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{{#category_index:B|Biot-Savart law}}
{{#category_index:B|Biot-Savart law}}
(bē’ ō s∂ vart’) [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Ampere’s_law|''Ampere’s law'']] (q.v.). Named for [[Special:MyLanguage/Jean Baptiste Biot|Jean Baptiste Biot]] (1774–1862) and [[Special:MyLanguage/Felix Savart|Felix Savart]] (1791–1841), French physicists.
La [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:Ampere’s_law/es|''ley de Ampere'']] (ver). Nombrada por [[Special:MyLanguage/Jean Baptiste Biot|Jean Baptiste Biot]] (1774–1862) y [[Special:MyLanguage/Felix Savart|Felix Savart]] (1791–1841), físicos franceses.
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La ley de Ampere (ver). Nombrada por Jean Baptiste Biot (1774–1862) y Felix Savart (1791–1841), físicos franceses.

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