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(∂ bē’ lē ∂n or ∂ bēl’ y∂n) [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:commutative|''Commutative'']] (q.v.). Named for Niels Henrik Abel (1802–1829), Norwegian mathematician.
(∂ bē’ lē ∂n or ∂ bēl’ y∂n) [[Special:MyLanguage/Dictionary:commutative|''交换的'']] (q.v.)。以挪威数学家Niels Henrik Abel的名字命名的(1802–1829)

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(∂ bē’ lē ∂n or ∂ bēl’ y∂n) 交换的 (q.v.)。以挪威数学家Niels Henrik Abel的名字命名的(1802–1829)。