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[[L. Decker Dawson]], [[DigiCourse, Inc.]], [[C. Hewitt Dix]], [[Milton B. Dobrin]], [[Milton Dobrin]], [[S. Norman Domenico]], [[William E. N. Doty]]
[[L. Decker Dawson]], [[DigiCourse, Inc.]], [[C. Hewitt Dix]], [[Distinguished Achievement Award]], [[Milton B. Dobrin]], [[Milton Dobrin]], [[S. Norman Domenico]], [[William E. N. Doty]]

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A category for biographies of well-known geophysicists or contributors to the field of geophysics. To add a page to this category, put {{Infobox biography}} at the beginning of an article. See one of the existing biographies for an example.

The SEG Wiki Product Development Concept document proposes drawing material from SEG historical sites like the SEG virtual Museum Web pages. The biography section is http://virtualmuseum.seg.org/people.html. Many past presidents and SEG award recipients appear on this list.

I am not sure how to teach contributors how to use a standard template. I suggest you talk to Matt Hall and John Stockwell. Matt taught me how to redirect links like Lewis L. Nettleton and Lewis Lomax Nettleton go to the same wiki page — check out the link Oz Yilmaz. Other examples are Carl Savit/Carl H. Savit, R. H. Stolt/Robert H. Stolt and Dr. Frank Press/Frank Press

Some names from that list are below. Pick a favorite, move material from the Virtual Museum, do a little investigation, and improve the content.


Richard A. (Rusty) Alford, Tariq Ali Alkhalifah, Samuel J. Allen, Allied Geophysical Laboratories, Ozer Altan, Nigel A. Anstey


Bastiaan Baars, Milo M. Backus, Michael S. Bahorich, Albert W. Bally, William N. Barkhouse, Frederick J. Barr, A. R. Barringer, Charles C. Bates, Augustinus (Guus) J. Berkhout, Bimal Bhattacharyya, L. W. Blau, W. T. Born, Reinhard K. Bortfeld, Arthur A. Brant, Arthur Brant, Howard Breck, S. Rutt Bridges, Robert A. Broding, Alistair R. Brown, Kenneth E. Burg


Luis L. Canales, Dave P. Carlton, Vlastislav Cerveny, Stephen Chelminski, Zuchuan Chen,J. T. Cherry, Jon Claerbout, Jon F. Claerbout, Dean Clark, Allan Cox, Mike Cox, Stuart Crampin, John Crawford, John M. Crawford


L. Decker Dawson, DigiCourse, Inc., C. Hewitt Dix, Distinguished Achievement Award, Milton B. Dobrin, Milton Dobrin, S. Norman Domenico, William E. N. Doty


John E. Eastwood, Dr. E. A. Eckhardt, Elmer Eisner, Meng Ersheng, W. Maurice Ewing


Anders Farestveit, Paul Farren, Lawrence Y. Faust, Craig Ferris, Santos Figueroa H., Albert A. Fitch, Wagner Freire, William S. French


Gerald H. F. Gardner, Byron L. Gariepy, Valery Z. Garipov, Richard A. Geyer, Ben F. Giles, Frank Goldstone, Pierre L. Goupillaud, Robert J. Graebner, Vladimir Grechka, Cecil Green, Cecil H Green, Beno Gutenberg


J. G. Hagedoorn, Michel T. Halbouty, Ira David Hale, Dr. Sigmund I. Hammer, Dan Hampson, Bob A. Hardage, Hugh Hardy, T. I. Harkins, Ralph A. Harris, E. R. (Harry) Harrison, Klaus Helbig, Roland G. Henderson, Haines C. Hibbard, Fred J. Hilterman, Gerald W. Hohmann, John C. Hollister, John Hollister, Maarten de Hoop, Gary M. Hoover, Donald L. Howlett, Peter Hubral, John Hyden


Roy C. Johnston, Richard N. Jolly, Erik Jonsson, J. J. Jakosky


Ernest R. Kanasewich, J. Clarence Karcher, Virgil Kauffman, Sidney Kaufman, John H. Koonce, Theodor C. Krey


Lucien J. B. LaCoste, Lucien LaCoste, T. R. LaFehr, Thomas R. LaFehr, Kenneth Larner, Roy L. Lay, Spyros K. Lazaratos, Milford R. Lee, Franklyn K. Levin, Roy O. Lindseth, Christopher L. Liner, J. Pat Lindsey, R. J. Loofbourrow, David E. Lumley, Paul L. Lyons


James B. Macelwane, S. J., Theodore R. Madden, Harry Mayne, W. Harry Mayne, Burton McCollum, E. V. McCollum, Eugene McDermott, George C. McGhee, Vincent E. McKelvey, George A. McMechan, James Duncan McNeill, F. A. Van Melle, J. W. Miller, David Monk, Jean P. Morlet, W. D. Mounce, Albert W. Musgrave


Misac Nabighian, Norman S. Neidell, E. O. Nestvold, L. L. Nettleton, Lewis L. Nettleton, Lewis Lomax Nettleton, Paul Newman, Robert Van Nostrand, Amos Nur


Peter N. S. O'Brien, Jack E. Oliver, William J. Ostrander


Derecke Palmer, Leroy C. Paslay, H. B. Peacock, Charles R. Pelton, Raymond A. Peterson, O. S. Petty, Dr. Frank Press, Frank Press, Rudy Prince


Davis W. Ratcliff, James W. Rector III, Robert B. Rice, Norman H. Ricker, Frank Rieber, O. F. Ritzmann, Otto F. Ritzmann, Enders A. Robinson, Enders Robinson, Dave Robson, Fabio L. Rocca, Donald W. Rockwell, Antonio Garcia Rojas, Vaino Ronka, Brian Russell, William M. Rust, Jr.


Henry Salvatori, Joe Iley Sanders, Johann Sattlegger, Carl H. Savit, Nicolay A. Savostyanov, Jorg Schleicher, Richard Schneider, William A. Schneider, William Schriever, Robert Schrock, Harold A. Sears, SEG/EAGE Modeling Group, Harold Seigel, Aaron J. Seriff, Robert E. Sheriff, John W. C. Sherwood, Yoram Shoham, Daniel Silverman, J. Dan Skelton, Howard A. Slack, Louis B. Slichter, M. M. Slotnick, Brian R. Spies, Don Steeples, Sabba S. Stefanescu, Don Steeples, R. H. Stolt, Robert H. Stolt, Booth B. Strange, David W. Strangway, Gerald C. Summers


M. Turhan Taner, Leon Thomsen, Enders A. Robinson & Sven Treitel, Sven Treitel, M. E. Trostle, Ilya D. Tsvankin


Victor Vacquier, Peter R. Vail, James Vanderford, Eric Verschuur, Charles B. Vogel, Keeva Vozoff


James R. Wait, Stanley H. Ward, Ethel Ward-McLemore, Kenneth H. Waters, Paul Weaver, Weng Wenbo, Gordon F. West, Gerald H. Westby, Gerald Westby, Western Geophysical, Jack C. Weyand,J. E. White, Roy E. White, Moses B. Widess,J. Tuzo Wilson, J. P. Woods, Sam P. Worden, Paul C. Wuenschel, Ralph D. Wyckoff


Gu Gong Xu


Ozdogan Yilmaz


Joseph Zemanek, Kenneth L. Zonge, William J. Zwart

Discussion points

  • Is there a particular biography we like and can point to as a model biography?
  • Do we want a more standard format for names? E.g. Firstname Lastname, or Firstname M. Lastname? Perhaps just 'whatever they were known as'?
  • You can handle ambiguities or multiple names with 'aliases', which are called Redirects in a wiki.

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