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SEG's mission: Connecting, inspiring, and propelling the people and science of geophysics

As a part of SEG's mission, we seek to preserve the history of our discipline of exploration geophysics for future generations of geoscientists, and the public. That history, of course, is about the people who were doing exploration geophysics.

Who are the people who are making the difference today?
Who were those who created our discipline and the techniques we use?
What makes a person a geophysicist?
What are geophysicists' career paths?
Who was ...?
Whatever happened to ...?
Who invented ... ?

These questions and more may be answered by considering the careers paths and contributions of geophysicists of the past and present. The SEG Wiki adds to this discussion and helps provide many of these answers.

The sources

The biographies that follow are from a variety of sources.

  • The early articles of The Leading Edge contained interviews of founding members of the science of exploration geophysics and of the modern oil and gas industry, as well as memorials (in both Geophysics and The Leading Edge) of those who have recently passed.
  • The second great source of biographical information are SEG Awards Citations and bios for SEG Presidential and Vice-presidential candidates.
  • Everytime a person publishes a paper in Geophysics, the SEG asks for a biography and a picture. These appear in a section called Contributors located near the end of the issue in which the paper appears.
  • Finally, there are newspaper obituaries and Wikipedia articles, provided that they are published under the same Creative Commons license that our SEG Wiki is published, or which we have permission to include.

The job is far from complete, but our collection is growing and improving.

These are in pretty good shape

Outstanding Educator Award (New award approved 15 May 2013)
The Maurice Ewing Gold Medal
Honorary Membership
Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal Award
Reginald Fessenden Award (formerly Medal Award)
Cecil Green Enterprise Award
J. Clarence Karcher Award
Special Commendation
Life Membership Award
Distinguished Achievement Award
Presidential Award
Best Paper in Geophysics Award

The rest of these still need work

Honorable Mentions (Geophysics)
Best Papers in The Leading Edge Award
Honorable Mentions (The Leading Edge)
Best Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting
Honorable Mentions (Best Paper, Annual Meeting)
Best Poster Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting
Honorable Mentions (Best Poster Paper, Annual Meeting)
Best Paper Presented by a Student at the Annual Meeting
Awards of Merit (Best Student Paper, Annual Meeting)
Best Poster Paper Presented by a Student at the Annual Meeting
Awards of Merit (Best Student Poster Paper, Annual Meeting)

The above awards pages have been created, but still need additional editing. Within each award page, entries in blue have been launched and content exists (edits and additions are always welcome). Those entries displaying in red have no content in place - red text means a Wiki contributor has deemed this content worthy of entry and created a placeholder for that entry. Please feel free to add contributions for both existing entries (hyperlinked in blue) and those marked by a red placeholder (hyperlinked in red).

Some pages, particularly in the SEG Life Membership category have only a photograph, and no text. If you know about the person depicted, please contact us. You may edit the page yourself if you are an SEG member.

How you can help

  • See a missing biography or photograph of an important geophysicist? Email this material to [email protected].
  • Have access to old issues of Geophysics or The Leading Edge to locate these missing biographies or photographs? Have access to a scanner?
  • You might ask, "Aren't all issues of Geophysics digital? Can't you just take everything from there?" The answer is "No. The technical articles are there, but a lot of the society stuff, including the biographies of contributors and award winners have not been scanned, so we have to go back to paper copies."
  • Scan the biography as a text file, scan the photograph as a jpg, gif, or png file and email me at [email protected].

If you are an SEG member, you can login on the Wiki site and edit the wiki pages, yourself.