Best Paper in Geophysics Award

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The Best Paper in Geophysics is selected by the Editor for consideration as a candidate for the award. Recognized minimum requirements are permanent interest, form and readability, and potential for the advancement of the geophysical profession. Return to SEG Honors and Awards.

  • 2010 Oscillating oil drops, resonant frequencies, and low-frequency passive seismology, Michael K. Broadhead
  • 2001 Discrimination between pressure and fluid saturation changes from time-lapse seismic data, Martin Landrø
  • 1994 Remote sensing of seismic vibrations by laser Doppler interferometry, A. J. Berni
  • 1989 Time slices from two-dimensional surveys, M. H. Miller and William S. French
  • 1981 The airborne electromagnetic discovery of the Detour zinc-copper-silver deposit Northwestern Quebec, Laurie E. Reed
  • 1975 Three-dimensional induced-polarization and electromagnetic modeling, Gerald W. Hohmann
  • 1974 Effect of water saturation on seismic reflectivity of sand reservoirs encased in shale, S. N. Domenico
  • 1973 Use of wavefront curvature to relate seismic data with subsurface parameters, Pravin M. Shah
  • 1971 Seismic stratigraphic exploration+Parts I, II, & III, John D. Marr
  • 1963 Standard curves for interpretation of magnetic anomalies over long tabular bodies, S. Parker Gay Jr.
  • 1961 Wave-front charts and three-dimensional migrations, A. W. Musgrave
  • 1959 Water reverberations their nature and elimination, M. M. Backus
  • 1952 The significance of diffraction in the investigation of faults, T. Krey
  • 1951 Seismic velocity as a function of depth and geologic time, L. Y. Faust
  • 1950 Fault interpretation from seismic data in southwest Texas, Miller Quarles Jr.
  • 1949 The direct approach to magnetic interpretation and its practical application, L. J. Peters
  • 1947 The fundamental equations of electrical prospecting, [[R. Maillet]