Awards of Merit (Best Student Paper, Annual Meeting)

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The SEG recoginzes the Best Student Paper, Annual Meeting. Return to SEG Honors and Awards.

  • 2014 "Seismoelectric interface response signal behaviour in thin-bed geological settings," Niels Grobbe
  • 2013 "Investigating the potential of using conductive or permeable proppant particles for hydraulic fracture characterization," Lindsey Heagy
  • 2012 "Enhanced dispersion analysis of borehole array sonic measurements with amplitude and phase estimation method," Wei Li
  • 2010 "Separation of blended data by iterative estimation and subtraction of interference noise," Panagiotis Doulgeris
  • 2009 "Archaeological investigation of the Court Kiva in Chaco Canyon using geophysical methods," Cericia Martinez
  • 2008 "Visualizing spectral decomposition using the view locked color image grand tour," Bradley C. Wallet
  • 2007 "Investigation of core data reliability to support time-lapse interpretation in Campos Basin, Brazil," Marcos Grochau
  • 2004 "Non-stretch stacking in the tau-p domain: Exploiting long-offset arrivals for sub-basalt imaging," Hassan Masoomzadeh
  • 2003 "Using seismic attributes as a QC for velocity model building--Vinton Dome, Louisiana," Warren S. Duncan
  • 2002 "The kernel trick: using linear algorithms to solve nonlinear geophysical problems," Heidi Kuzma
  • 2001 (No award given this year)
  • 2000 (No award given this year)
  • 1997 "The transition zone between effective medium theory and ray theory for the propagation of electromagnetic waves," Christina Y. Chan