Anthony Barringer

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Anthony R. (Tony) Barringer (October 20, 1925 – August 15, 2009) wrote over 80 technical papers, was awarded more than 70 patents, and invented various techniques and instruments that revolutionized geophysical applications in mineral exploration. His most famous invention, the INPUT (Induced Pulse Transient) airborne EM prospecting system, is credited with the discovery of more than 25 orebodies worth more than US$100 billion. Tony’s extraordinary contributions won major awards: the Logan Medal of the Geological Association of Canada (1977), SEG’s Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal (1980), the Daniel C. Jackling Award of the American Association of Mining and Petroleum Engineers (1985), and induction into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame (1998). Tony served as SEG second vice president in 1987–88.==