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Volunteer for the SEG Wiki

The SEG Wiki staff and committee seek volunteers for an SEG Wiki biography editor and SEG Wiki biographer. We also seek to expand our collaboration with universities. We are looking for two class partners who will assist in growing geoscience- and geophysics-related content for the wiki with their students, following the successful model established between SEG and Penn State Brandywine's Dr. Laura Guertin.

Geophysical tutorials

The SEG publishes geophysical tutorials bimonthly in the The Leading Edge. The 15th tutorial, Wavelet estimation for well ties by Evan Bianco, was recently published in the June 2016 issue.


Many of the pioneers in the development of exploration geophysics reside in the Biographies. Add your insight and knowledge of these trailblazers for the next generation. Please help us develop our women in geoscience biographies.

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