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Anna Shaughnessy
Anna Shaughnessy.jpg
BSc university U. of Gothenburg, Sweden
MSc university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Anna Shaughnessy started her career as an interpreter geophysicist, and quickly advanced into roles with increasing responsibility, in exploration, production, technology, strategic planning and business improvement.

Professional Career

Shaughnessy’s career has spanned three continents, with leadership roles at Mobil, Saudi Aramco, Texaco and Kerr-McGee. She now works in the academic sector, in her current role as Executive Director of MIT’s Earth Resources Laboratory (ERL).

With a documented capacity to lead groups towards the achievement of goals, Shaughnessy has excelled at establishing successful liaisons with many nationalities and organizations. She has had a rich multicultural work experience in the US, Saudi Arabia and Norway during her industry career. She is now working with a number of international research groups through her work at MIT.

SEG Contributions

Shaughnessy has been a member of SEG since 1980. She is currently a member of the SEG Foundation Board and its Financial Committee, the Women’s Network Committee and the Distinguished Lecturer Committee. Previously, she has served on the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee, the SEAM Audit Committee and SEG Global Inc. Shaughnessy is also a member of AAPG, AGU and EAGE.

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