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Welcome to the SEG Wiki. Robert E. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition seeded the SEG Wiki with its initial content. While this information originated in a tried and true print source, all entries in the SEG Wiki can and are encouraged to be modified, updated, and improved by members.

We encourage you to read and enhance the SEG Wiki to the best of your knowledge. Start contributing today - every edit makes a difference. Personalized support is always available.

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  • Quick primer on making your additions to the wiki.
  • We need your help to add definitions of the missing SEG keywords. Find a red word and add what you know. Use your own research, SEG publications, or simply the knowledge in your head.
  • Many of the pioneers in the development of exploration geophysics reside in the Biographies. Add your insight and knowledge of these trailblazers for the next generation.

Upcoming events

Wiki chat

SEG will host a bi-monthly chat with the SEG Wiki Editor.

  • Date: Tuesday, 26 August 2014
  • Time: 10:00-11:00am CST
  • Place: SEG Wiki channel on Muut
  • Host: SEG Wiki Editor, Andrew Geary.
  • Audience: All SEG members and the greater geophysics community.

All questions are invited. Feel free to ask about the goals of the wiki, future developments, technical questions on contributing to the wiki - any questions and comments welcome. More information here.

Wikithon 2014

The 2nd Annual SEG Wikithon will be held October 26-29 in Denver, CO during the SEG International Exposition and 84th Annual Meeting. Please help us design sessions that meet your needs. New to the SEG Wiki? An experienced wiki editor or geophysicist? Connect with other wiki contributors at the 2014 Wikithon during the SEG Annual Meeting.

Trending topics

Open data

This page documents geophysical data that is readily available for download from the internet, via mail, or through special request. Key parts of the data documentation are:

  • a descriptive overview of the data including types of data available
  • terms of use
  • how to obtain a copy of the data and other supporting data
  • links to publications


The SEG is publishing an increasing number of geophysical tutorials. The fourth tutorial was recently published in the August 2014 edition of The Leading Edge.

Best paper in Geophysics Award

Explore the best papers in Geophysics from 1947-2012. The award is selected by the Editor for consideration as a candidate for the award. Recognized minimum requirements are permanent interest, form and readability, and potential for the advancement of the geophysical profession.

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  • Email the SEG Wiki team with your questions and comments. Additionally, you can engage the SEG Wiki Editor directly on this site.
  • Finally, visit the Bulletin Board to acknowledge and appreciate fellow SEG Wiki contributors or ask a question of your peers.
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